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Every donation helps us continue to work towards our mission of promoting global health through the prevention and control of infectious and other diseases that disproportionately afflict the global poor. We do this in part by providing awards and fellowships that encourage a career in tropical medicine.

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Presidents Challenge Travel Fellowship Fund
"When I came to my first ASTMH meeting 22 years ago, I was transformed. I had found my people," said Chandy John, ASTMH President. "We all know the power of this meeting, especially for those from LMICs." While we see many young people at the Annual Meeting, the fact is that hundreds of applicants are turned away due to lack of dedicated ASTMH funds to support them. The Presidents' Challenge was established by the Board directing the Society to commit up to $150,000 to match donations dollar-for-dollar for an additional 20 travel awards for the next five years. Of these, 75 percent will be flagged for trainees from LMIC countries. This will translate into $3,000 per award, bringing an additional 20 awards per year for the next five years. Whether you are new to the Society or if your years of membership are in the double digits, thank you for considering a donation of one travel award ($3,000) or an amount that is comfortable for you. This will be a powerful show of support and commitment to our colleagues in LMICs.
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